Worship Online Until
Further Notice 

Outdoor Communion Service
Oct. 4th 10am Front Lawn
Click Event on the Calendar, see Description

Please note that worship has not been cancelled—it has

simply moved into different spaces, including a live component

online.   Online worship at facebook live


will be at 11:00am each week and go for approximately 30 minutes.


***All In-person gatherings are canceled

until further notice.  Worship is on Facebook,

click Bread Church for more info.


Calendar of Events
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Detailed Map of Memorial Campus
Our Calendar changes regularly,
updates are made on Mondays and Fridays.
**In case of a funeral or emergency need for your
scheduled space during your event, the church will
do all it can to move you to a different available
space, but in limited circumstances may need
to cancel.**
Please check with the office at 512-452-4656 option 2 or ext. 100 for the Church Admin to schedule the use of any space for your event or group. 
Note:  even if a time/date/space is open, it may not be available as we have church events 'in the works' but not yet scheduled.