Plus 1 Program

Austin Energy Plus 1 

PLUS 1: By Appointment Only

Appointments are Not available at/around Easter, at/around Christmas and No Funding is available between mid-September and mid-October each year.



Appointments will only be scheduled through the number below, you must call this # leaving All the requested information, this step cannot be skipped.   No hablo Español.


You Must be able to Drop off or Email in picture ID, Eligibility Amount & ALL pages of most Current Bill Upon Request.




Memorial Plus 1 Phone #



Name, Phone#, Zip Code, Amount Due,


Due Date (even if it is a past date) & Your Plus 1 Eligibility




*NOTE: Due to limited Staff Availability calls are Not returned unless there is an available appointment.  IF you haven't heard from someone via text, phone or email (check your spam/junk box). Please call again leaving your information with any updates regularly to be placed on the priority list.

**You may only be seen at this site two times within a year.



Press 1: Follow All Instructions below


Leave your Name (spell your name!), Phone #, Email Address (spell it out please), Zip code, Due Date, Exact $ amount due on your Most Recent Bill.


Helpful tips: It would be helpful for you to let us know your exact Plus 1 Eligibility amount from Austin Energy as we will require this info in the next phase. Call AE to request this info.  If you have a  Current Amount & a Total Amount, leave both.  If you are on a payment arrangement, include that information. 


Appointments are generally scheduled every other week - a very limited amount based on administrator availability and funding.


Leave ALL of the requested info, those who don't are the very last to be considered for appointments.


Follow up regularly, this is how to be placed on the priority list in case of canceled, no shows or new appointments.  Those that follow up are the 1st to be called when new appointments are available.


* No Show/No Call for scheduled appointment results in ineligibility for the priority list and are last for call backs in the future.



Press 2: If you will be late for an existing appointment or if you need to cancel an existing appointment. Leave your info & appointment date/time. 


We may not be able to reschedule you, but we'll try.



Press 3: General Plus 1 Information  Note: This option will not allow you to go back to option 1 or 2 -  you will have to call back.   


**You may only be seen at this site two times within a year.


Memorial does not have emergency funds for rapid/instant payment for any reason.   Memorial does not provide funds for any other type of assistance such as: rent/food/clothing/hotel/medication/gift cards/vouchers/gas or any other types of bills.


You are encouraged to leave the required information at any time and to follow up regularly.  If you don't hear back from someone to schedule an appointment, the admin has no availability, the appointments are full or funding for that month is out. Follow up regularly leaving your updated information again, at the end of any given week for a possible appointment at the next availability.  


This information is how the priority list is made to set the next round of appointments.



Memorial is unable to leave messages or await call backs but will try again if there are still available appointments. 


Program the Plus 1 #512-452-5798 into your phone so you do not miss a call from Memorial regarding an appointment.

You must be eligible for Plus 1 funds, call AE as ask them how much you are eligible for. 


You must be capable of

1.) emailing or dropping off a copy of your ID and all the pages of your most recent Austin Energy bill (every page, front & back) several days prior to the appointment and only upon request

2.) available for a phone appointment with the Plus 1 administrator.


Memorial does not have the capacity for Emergency Payments, to make payments over the phone or at a payment center.  An appointment will be scheduled a week out and must occur before a pledge will be made.