Memorial United Methodist Church
Monday, May 27, 2024
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.


A-MAZing Creation


April 28: So What? (Now?)

  • We made an official Creation Care Team!
  • We will work on a whole-campus plan.
  • We will get certified as a Sacred Space.
  • We will work with Chris' coalition of churches all working together on Creation Care.
  • We will garden, hardscape and come together.

April 21: Explore

  • Field Trip to Earl J. Pomerleau Park at 1906 Patton Ln, Austin, TX 78723
  • Picnic in the park after church 
  • A semi-structured exploration of the site to identify plants and built features at the site and how we may want to recreate some of this at Memorial.
  • Some of us got a bit too much sun!
  • We had fun!

April 14: What?

  • We learned about living, nonliving things and humans are connected and affect one another and how this relates to our site. 
  • We learned 11 new and reviewed last weeks native Texas species.
  • We wrote 3 words, 2 questions and a metaphor about creation and shared with each other in our labyrinth.
  • We created.
  • We had fun! The non-math brain people got the math-focused activity as you can see below. 


April 7: Why

  • We learning 11 native Texas species.
  • We each wrote a diamante which we shared with one another in our labyrinth.
  • We acted out skit.
  • We played a game and did an exercise.
  • We had fun!

A-MAZing Creation

4 Part Study: Native Plants & More
When God created the world, what did he place at what is now 6100 Berkman Drive? Come with us as we explore the natural world right at our doorstep. Ponder our role in the care of all that God made and called good.
This is an interactive, activity-led study that explores the relationship between our faith, the science, and the social/cultural facets of Memorial UMC’s physical location in northeast Austin. It is for anyone curious to explore conceptually. There is no obligation beyond being engaged in the study. However, what we discover may inspire and inform your participation in the care of creation.
Sundays in April - 1:00-2:30 PM
Begin with a planned potluck immediately after worship in the Parlor


Taco-bout the Gospel of John

Thursdays, February - March 2024

Taco-bout the Gospel of John 02/01/2024 

Curious about the story of Jesus? Come learn from the perspective of one of His closest companions, John.
We meet in the Parlor, near our Sanctuary. It's the big white fellowship hall.
We'll have tacos, fellowship and conversation!
Please bring your favorite Bible to follow along.

See our Facebook account for our Events and class offerings: