Memorial United Methodist Church
Thursday, July 25, 2024
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.


The Light of the World

We light the center [white] candle as a symbol of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. May our paths as we move forward and as we move inwardly be illumined by the good news of God coming into the world to put skin on and show us the depth of his intention to love us, heal us and give us hope.



Praise be to God!


Advent - Week 4: Peace

We light this fourth [purple] candle as a symbol of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.


Advent - Week 3: Joy

We light the third [pink] candle of Christ as a symbol of Jesus Christ, our Joy.

We were all so entranced by the organ's anniversary and Kent Burress' playing that we don't have many pictures!
We welcomed Alberta back after a long recovery! 


Advent - Week 2: Preparation

We light the second [purple] candle as a symbol of Jesus Christ, our Way.

Sunday, December 10 was also our 150th Anniversary weekend! It was so great to have so many guests, visitors and descendants of both our founder, Carl Charnquist, but also founding members of the church like the Peterson family.


Advent - Week 1: Hope

We light the first [purple] candle as a symbol of Jesus Christ, our Hope.

Advent started today, Sunday December 3. Here we share a few pictures with you. Our streaming cut out in the middle of  worship this morning and we are working on uploading the second half which we did record but were unable to stream live. 


Advent Prep

Our United Women in Faith take the lead on prepping for Advent and the Hanging of the Greens. It takes a lot of work and hours to get our beautiful church ready for the season.