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Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Plus 1 Program

By Appointment Only &
In Person
Memorial United
Methodist Church
Please call the dedicated Plus 1 line and follow all instructions there.
Appointments will not be scheduled
through the main church line or with Pastor.
*NOTE: We do not return calls unless there is an available appointment.
We do not call just to communicate that there are no funds or no appointments.
Press 1: Leave your Name + spelling, phone #,
zip code, and the $ amount due on your bill. Follow up regularly, 
this is how to be placed on our priority list in case of canceled,
no shows or new appointments.  * No Show/No Call for an existing
appointment results in ineligibility for the priority list.
Press 2: If you will be late for an existing
appointment or if you need to cancel an existing
appointment. Leave your info & appt. date/time. 
We may not be able to reschedule you, but we'll try.
Press 3: General Plus 1 Information
Note: This option will not allow you to go back to option 1 or 2- You will have to call back.
Memorial does not have emergency funds for
rapid/instant payment for any reason.

Memorial does not provide funds for any other

type of assistance- such as:
rent/food/clothing/hotel or other bills etc...
We generally schedule appointments at the
beginning of the month- a limited amount
based on administrator availability and funding. 
You are encouraged to leave the
required information at any time. If you don't hear
back from us to schedule an appointment,
the appointments were filled or funding already
pledged out, follow up regularly leaving your updated
information again at the end of any given week 
for a possible appointment at the next availability. 
This information is how we build the priority
list to set appointments.
We are unable to leave messages or await call backs.
Program our # 512-452-5798 into
your phone so you don't miss calls from us.
You must come in for an In Person appointment
with the Plus 1 administrator, bringing your ID and
most recent bill, you must be eligible for Plus 1
funds.  We do not have the capacity for Emergency Payments,
to make payments over the phone or at a payment center.